Good instructors teach; great instructors motivate and inspire.  Raymer does all three and more.  She engages with her class and she cares.  Cares about her riders physical and mental well being. 
— Eric R. | Boston, MA

Whether it’s on the bike or on the mat, Aly knows how to motivate her students like no other instructor I’ve ever met.She’s NEVER boring, so much fun and is always bringing out the athlete in you. If anyone would ever consider me an athlete, it’s because I’ve been in Aly’s class a few times a week and she’s made me the strongest I’ve ever been!
— Courtney H. | Boston, MA

Aly is a phenomenal teacher. It’s clear that she’s passionate about her craft and dedicated to her students. I’ve heard several people mention after a spin class that they had tears in their eyes during a song- not because it was too challenging (ha!), but because Aly’s class brought them to a place where the release of emotions felt incredible. 
— Lindsey V. | Boston, MA